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Jesse Romero will be speaking at the 4th Annual Inland Empire
Men’s Conference
   ~   The conference is on October 19, 2013
Registration page here   +   Download the flyer (PDF size: 1.9MB)

Jesse Romero will be speaking on St. Michael the Archangel at St. Hilary Church of Perpetual Adoration on September 24, 2013
Download the flyer (PDF size: 1.2MB)

Check out this Jesse Romero fight montage!
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Where else do you find a Catholic speaker who is nationally known as the “Latin lover of our Lord and our Lady?

Where can you listen to a former kickboxing champion and current Catholic radio host who will welcome you weekly to “the Lord's gym with... your spiritual fitness trainer?”

This is the website for Jesse Romero (Catholic, husband, father of 3, evangelist, EWTN & Guadalupe Radio host, author and lover of the Catholic Church) » more info

Wondering how you can invite Jesse Romero to speak at your conference or event?  Check out Jesse’s calendar for available dates » here

Catholicism Meets Iglesia Ni Cristo
Catholicism Meets Iglesia Ni Cristo

The Ministerial Priesthood Debate
The Ministerial Priesthood Debate

A Soldiers Creed
Get into the habit of praying
the Soldier’s Creed daily!
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Jim Lamb Studio

Culture Warrior Creed
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