Santa Rosa Religious Ed. Conference w\Jesse Romero
Santa Rosa, CA   |  June 18, 2016  »  More info
“The Sower” Conference w\Jesse Romero
Long Beach, CA   |  June 25, 2016  »  More info
Encuentro Kerigma Catequetico 2016 con\Jesse Romero
Houston, TX   |  July 02, 2016  »  More info
St. John the Evangelist Parish Mission w\Jesse Romero
Grafton, ND   |  July 08–09, 2016  »  More info
Monthly Bible Study w\Jesse Romero
Queen Creek, AZ   |  July 10, 2016  »  More info

“Jesse Romero knows that ‘Each Catholic man must start his day with prayer... Without prayer, a man is like a soldier who lacks food, water & ammunition...’”
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If It Wasn’t For The Catholic Church, There Would Be No Christianity!

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